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Several courses in Super Mario 64 have objects and NPC's that only spawn when certain stars are selected when entering the stage. This can affect the order in which the stars are completed during a speedrun.

This page outlines the different versions of the courses depending on which stars are selected.

Bob-omb Battlefield


Whomp's Fortress


Jolly Roger Bay


Cool, Cool Mountain


  • After "Snowman's Lost His Head" is completed, the snowman head is replaced with a complete snowman on all stars except "Snowman's Lost His Head."
  • After 120 stars are collected, the Big Penguin is permanently replaced with a fat penguin with an even larger hitbox.

Big Boo's Haunt


Hazy Maze Cave

All course versions are identical for this stage.

Lethal Lava Land


Shifting Sand Land


Dire, Dire Docks

Template:DDD-versions After Bowser in the Fire Sea is completed, the submarine is permanently removed and replaced with moving poles.

Snowman's Land

All course versions are identical for this stage.

Wet-Dry World

There are 3 possible initial water heights, depending on how high Mario enters the painting.

Tall, Tall Mountain


Tiny-Huge Island

Template:THI-versions This stage has two entrances. The small painting to the left will place Mario in the Tiny island, while the large painting to the right will place him in the Huge island.

Tick Tock Clock

The speed of the moving parts in this stage are dependent on where the minute hand on the clock is when Mario enters the stage.

  • 12: Stopped
  • Between 12 and 6: Slow
  • 6: Random
  • Between 6 and 12: Fast

Rainbow Ride

All course versions are identical for this stage.