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Go on a Ghost Hunt
Record Information
RTA World Record 48.60
Single Star World Record 47.66

Go on a Ghost Hunt is the first mission of Big Boo's Haunt.

US and JP Version Differences

On the JP version of the game, there is a trick called Door Skip that you're able to perform due to a version-exclusive glitch involving the Time Stop game mechanic. This can be used to skip the door opening animation for two doors during this star. This glitch is patched on the US and Shindou releases of game, meaning that Door Skip is not possible on these versions. Due to it being patched, however, it is much easier to perform a glitch called Text Skip in the final Boo room on these versions. This glitch skips the text box of the last Boo you kill, meaning you only have to scroll through one text box rather than two. This glitch is also possible on the JP version of the game, however due to the properties of Time Stop on this version it is significantly more difficult to perform. You can read more about the specifics of Text Skip in this article.


No Door Skips

Depending on RNG, the boo may run towards the entry door when you jump over the gap. This slidekick movement avoids this problem.

Door Skips

Note: Door Skip only works on the JP version.


  • Bad boo RNG dropdown wallkick. Not for the faint of heart
  • If your dive hits the diamond, you can press Z to groundpound under the star.