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LLL 100 Coins
Record Information
RTA World Record 1:08.40 (with Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano)
Single Star World Record 58.64

With Hot-Foot-It Into the Volcano

Riding the Shell

This section will go over how speed works while Mario is riding a shell. When trying to go faster on the star, keep in mind that lines are often just as important, or more important than what's shown on your speed display. That said, as a general rule, in order to optimize for speed on the shell you should keep 2 things in mind:

  • Mario accelerates faster while grounded until speed 57, and while jumping for speeds greater than 57
  • Mario's grounded speed is capped at 63. Jumping allows you to exceed the cap, and chaining 1st frame jumps back to back allows you to build speed without reverting back to 63 when you land

When riding on the shell, Mario's default forward speed is set to 24. Holding forward will allow you to eventually reach a speed cap of 63. As you'll notice in the mp4 below, the speed increases at a decelerating rate the faster you go.

However, when jumping while riding the shell Mario's speed will increase at a constant rate of 0.15 units every frame.

As it turns out, when Mario's forward speed reaches approximately 57, your acceleration is higher while jumping than while riding the shell on the ground. Mario's speed is capped at 63 while on the shell, however this can be bypassed by jumping. While in the air, Mario will accelerate until he touches the ground again where the speed resets back to 63. If a first frame jump is performed when landing your speed won't reset to 63 and you can gain more speed.



The beginning to the star is the same regardless of your skill level. Begin by pressing C-Left, then Mario Cam, then a delayed C-Down to make sure your camera lines up directly behind Mario.

Red Coin Area

The main variations between the strats for the Red Coin section of the star involve taking tighter lines while collecting coins. Keep in mind the Shell Mechanics explained above in determining when it makes sense to ride the shell grounded vs. jumping. Note that occasionally while playing on console, you'll experience about 20-30 frames of lag in the red coin area. Although there are some lag reduction strats, most of the this lag is unavoidable and due to RNG values associated with how Mr. I is spinning. In the mp4s below, the first 3 have bad rng and the last has good rng.

Bully Platforms

The route for the bully platforms section of the star is the same for all skill levels, however there are different camera options available based on preference. In the first example, Mario Cam is used for the coin ring on the 2nd bully platform and Lakitu Cam is used for Mr. I. If you're using this camera, it helps to make sure you input the C-Left at the beginning of the video before switching to Mario Cam. This will give you a good camera switch when you jump for Mr. I.

In order to make Mr. I track you, Mario must be facing within approximately 45° or lower of Mr. I's line of sight.

Before the Volcano

Similarly to the beginning, this section of the star is the same for all skill levels. Approach the bully platform from the right and collect all of the coins in a clockwise circle. Go neutral when you initially land on the platform to avoid missing coins or getting hit by the bullies.

Inside the Volcano

There are many options when it comes to movement within the Volcano. Refer to the example videos below for suggested Beginner, Intermediate and Expert strategies.

Beginner Example

Intermediate Example

Expert Example

Example Videos