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Bowser in the Fire Sea
Record Information
RTA World Record 32.80 (Course) / 51.73 (with Red Coins)
Single Star World Record 31.39 (Course) / 51.58 (with Red Coins)
Bowser Throw World Record 31.89
For the battle with Bowser at the end of this stage, see the Bowser Battles page.

Bowser in the Fire Sea is located behind Dire, Dire Docks in the basement. 30 stars are needed to access it without the use of a MIPS clip or SBLJ.

Start Cameras


  • C-left on entry
  • Press R + C-left + C-down when Mario lands
  • Press R + C-Right during the 2nd long jump

Alternate Camera

  • While keeping the analog stick neutral, C-left on entry then immediately press R + C-down
  • Begin holding analog up when the camera pans to the platform
  • Press R + C-Right during the 2nd long jump



Note: The beginning to this is the same as the advanced version of this star up until the second pole grab. You can watch that video for more insight on how to get a better starting angle if you're having trouble with the off angle and for lag reductions.

Advanced (Lava Boost Early Ellies)

Cage Movement Variations

  • Delayed sideflip
  • Pivot
  • Wall rub

After Cage Movement Variations

  • Longjump into burn
  • Double jump wallkicks
  • Rollout single jump
  • Triple jump

Ending Movement Backups

  • Double burn wallkick
  • Double burn ledgegrab
  • Ledgegrab backup

Missed 3rd Red Backup

Situational, but very significant backup. Saves 8.5 seconds compared to a normal, late cycle approach.

No Reds

Beginner (Normal Cycle)

Advanced (Early Cycle)

  • If you're a little late to early cycle, you can do a TJWK ledgegrab to reach the platform and still save ~5 seconds. Avoid getting a firsty, otherwise you'll wallkick too far away to be able to ledgegrab.
  • Backup for accidentally landing on the lava during the ending; continue holding straight down and press C-Left twice to line Mario up and land safely.
    (This can also be performed on normal cycle.)
  • Expert

    Ultimate Cycle

    Fast Example

  • Alternate elevator movement (Kanno does this)
  • Alternate ending camera to reduce lag
  • Tutorial

    Pole Glitch

    Pole Glitch is a very precise trick where it is important to do dustless movement. You want to maintain Mario's speed the best you can starting from this image.

    • Do not get any dust frames on the first rollout, or the trick gets harder.
    • Jumpdiving between these 2 red lines works best. This part is lenient. If you jumpdive early you will probably bonk on the bottom of the pole. Once again, try to be dustless on the following rollout.
    • You will land here after the rollout, and the single jump will need to be on the 1st frame after you land. This allows you to get as much height as possible. Hold A until you see Mario has warped. If you release too early, you will bonk.