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Each Bowser battle is located at the end of its respective stage: Bowser in the Dark World, Bowser in the Fire Sea, and Bowser in the Sky.


  • Avoid letting Bowser make more than three full rotations before throwing him; otherwise, he will start spinning too fast to reliably aim.
  • In order to trigger Bowser's text after defeating him, Mario must be within a short distance of him and face towards the center of his body.
  • The "whoosh" sound that plays while spinning Bowser plays when he faces north, and is not indicative of whether he is pointing towards a bomb. Try to focus on aiming visually.
  • It is highly recommended that runners who play using an original Nintendo 64 controller switch to a different controller for Bowser fights, as rapidly spinning the N64 controller's stick will wear it down.

Bowser in the Dark World


To avoid a high throw and save time, let go of the stick right before pressing B to throw.

  • Advanced (3/4 Spin)

  • Bowser Dance

    Bowser has a ~10% chance to "dance" in place at the beginning of the fight; this allows you to grab his tail earlier and thus throw him quicker. Grabbing his tail near the tip places you closer to the bomb and can make the throw easier.

  • Bowser in the Fire Sea

    In this battle, Mario cannot grab Bowser until the platform stops teetering completely. Avoid groundpounding around Bowser's side of the platform during this period, otherwise Mario may clip through and fall into the lava underneath.


  • Advanced (3/4 Spin)

    As shown in these examples, you can delay your dive and let Bowser rotate longer if you need more room to spin; if you can spin faster, you can dive earlier to save more time.

  • Expert (1/2 Spin)

  • Bowser in the Sky

    This fight requires three hits to defeat Bowser instead of one like in the first two fights; select a bomb order that works best for you below and go for it every time for consistency.

    Bomb Order 1

    Bomb Order 2

    Bomb Order 3 (Expert)