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Bowser in the Sky
Record Information
RTA World Record 37.20 (Course) / 1:02.66 (with Red Coins)
Single Star World Record 35.73 (Course) / 1:02.19 (with Red Coins)
Bowser Throws World Record 37.07

Bowser in the Sky is located on the third floor behind 70 Star Door. 70 stars are needed to access it without the use of a BLJ.



Alternative Ending Movement


Invisible Axis Position

The visual axis isn't aligned with the actual hitbox of the axis, if you are going for early cycle you may encounter issues with it. This clip shows where it is actually located on this cycle.

Invisible Axis Position 2

Same as with the other elevator, this is relevant for early cycle or when you have missed four cycles.

No Reds

Beginner (Pole)


Punch, jump while neutral on the analog, hold up after the double jump, switch to up left after the triple jump, rotate to holding right after the wallkick to ledgegrab



Manamo Cycle

Alternate LJ Strat

Ultimate Ending (Input Display)


This movement is one elevator cycle faster than Manamo cycle.


Bowser Throws


Bomb Order 1

Bomb Order 2