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CCM 100 Coins
Record Information
RTA World Record 1:08.20 (with Slip Slidin' Away) / 1:16.70 (with Big Penguin Race)
Single Star World Record 54.30

With Big Penguin Race

There are 77 coins inside the slide.


  • Grabbing the first red:
    • The easiest and safest movement is to double jump kick near the top of the tree. Kicking while in the air prevents Mario from grabbing the tree. See the "Intermediate" video below as an example.
    • For the double jump dive into the first red coin, it's highly recommended you copy the camera inputs. At the start of the stage, c-right followed by Mario Cam + c-down. Make sure the Mario cam + c-down is input before Mario touches the ground to avoid grabbing the tree. Walk a few frames before the kick so that Mario is closer to his peak double jump height when you dive at the coin. See the "Advanced" video below as an example


Once you are in the slide, the strats are the same as Advanced.


Atmpas Special Route

Explanation Video

Backup If You Miss Coins On Slide

With Slip Slidin' Away

There are 77 coins inside the slide.



Chimney TJ Dive Tutorial