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Inside the Ancient Pyramid
Record Information
RTA World Record 12.80
Single Star World Record 12.17

Inside the Ancient Pyramid is the third mission of Shifting Sand Land.


In order for the game to register you have stepped on the pillar, Mario has to touch this region in the very center of the pillar.


The blue regions depict where you can jump for pless. The red is what you want to avoid.
The red area is where you want to input the double jump.

Over the Hill

  • Easiest: Adjust angle while sliding down the hill after getting the hands free glitch, double jump on flat ground and groundpound over the hill
  • Medium: Adjust angle and single jump while still sliding on the hill
  • Hardest: Get angle and hands free glitch without jumping back over the hill (Tamapless)

Onto the Pyramid

  • Easiest: Double jump (keep A pressed) and groundpound to land on the pyramid
  • Intermediate: Skip groundpound and jump again

Pillarless Tutorial

Alternate Pless Tutorials

Tama Pless Tutorial

Single Jump Pillarless


  • If you accidentally get medium bomb instead of big bomb, it is still possible to do pillarless.
  • If you fail quickly enough you can do Talons as a backup (see thumbnail to the right)
  • You can do a triple jump to make it easier to get over the hill with medium bomb speed.