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The Tip Top of the Huge Island
Record Information
RTA World Record 17.80
Single Star World Record 16.90
Proper lag reduction at the start of the level will save about 3-4 lag frames, or two real-time frames. The inputs are C-Right, then Mariocam C-Down & C-Left.

The Tip Top of the Huge Island is the second star of Tiny-Huge Island.

No Mountain Clip



Slope dive + speedkick. It's recommended to do mountain clip instead of this.

Mountain Movement Options

Mountain Clip

Left Side Clip

Easier movement for the clip. Make sure you hold directly up after the crease to dive through the mountain

Left Side Triple Jump

Camera setup by Mitagi that gives you the correct angle for the left side triple jump movement. The inputs are: C-Left & C-Down, then Mariocam C-Right & C-Down, and then one more C-Right. Finally, press R after you triple jump.

Speed Preservation Comparison

By pressing Z on the first frame Mario is able to walk after clipping up to the top of the mountain, you are able to preserve your speed, saving half a second or more. The speedkick double-jump ending movement can be done whether or not you preserve speed, but if you don't preserve speed then a dive rollout over the edge of the mountain can be just as fast, but it will be harder to do optimally.

Expert Beginning

Triple jump dive