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The goal of the 16 Star category is to beat the game as quickly as possible using MIPS clipping to skip the 30 star door. It is a popular category for beginners since it is short and the basic route/strats can be learned in a few hours even with no casual knowledge of the game.

Category Rules

  • SBLJ is banned
  • Any method to skip the 30 star door other than MIPS clipping is banned

Beginner Guide

Suggested Routes

It is important to note that although tricks are featured more prominently in this category than in 70 star, better movement and consistency is still what makes the biggest difference. As a beginner, it is recommended to start with a route that does not do LBLJ and improve on your fundamentals before switching to a less consistent, more reset-heavy LBLJ route.

No LBLJ Route

Standard Route (No LBLJ)

  1. Lakitu Skip
  2. Bob-omb Battlefield
  3. Whomp's Fortress
  4. Cool Cool Mountain
  5. Bowser in the Dark World
  6. Shifting Sand Land
  7. Lethal Lava Land
  8. Hazy Maze Cave
  9. MIPS Clip
  10. Dire, Dire Docks
  11. Bowser in the Fire Sea
  12. Backwards Long Jumps
  13. Bowser in the Sky

Beginner Route (No Dark World Reds)

This route is mostly the same as the standard route, but with the omission of Bowser in the Dark World Red Coins. If you plan on taking this game seriously, it is recommended to learn DW Reds sooner than later as it helps a lot with fundamentals. The differences with the standard route are listed below.

Advanced No LBLJ Route Variations

There are several route variations for the No LBLJ route which are faster but generally much harder. In almost every instance, these variations are only faster if you do the most optimal strats for each star, hence they are recommended only for people running the No LBLJ category extension for top times (i.e. sub 16 minutes). If you are simply looking to optimize your 16 star route for the main leaderboards, it is recommended to switch to an LBLJ route.

WF 100c (CCM Skip)

If you can do the Expert WF 100c cycle, it is technically faster than opening CCM to collect Wall Kicks Will Work and Li'l Penguin Lost.

Replacing Stars

Ignoring lobby (where you are bound by the 8 star door requirement), the slowest stars in the standard No LBLJ route are:

  • In the Talons of the Big Bird (16-17s)
  • Watch for Rolling Rocks (15-16s)

You can save a few seconds by replacing one or more of these stars with one of the following stars:

LBLJ Route

Standard Route (LBLJ)

  1. LBLJ
  2. Bowser in the Dark World
  3. Whomp's Fortress
  4. Shifting Sand Land
  5. Lethal Lava Land
  6. Hazy Maze Cave
  7. MIPS Clip
  8. Dire, Dire Docks
  9. Bowser in the Fire Sea
  10. Backwards Long Jumps
  11. Bowser in the Sky