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WF 100 Coins
Record Information
RTA World Record 56.00 (with Red Coins)
Single Star World Record 44.76

Red Coins on the Floating Isle is the fourth mission in Whomp's Fortress.

With Red Coins on the Floating Isle


Intermediate (Half Cycle)

If you feel that you are too slow to get the extra coins with the turnaround above the wild blue star and still make the cycle, skip those coins and get all the coins on the spinning platform above the thwomp, as shown in the advanced or expert videos below (see island comparison).

Missed Red Coin Backup

If you miss the first red coin, you can still get all the same coins in the route while only missing half a cycle of the wooden platform

Advanced (Half Cycle Skip)

Missed First Red Backup

Expert (Pro Cycle)

Kanno Cycle


Island Movement

Half Cycle Skip Beginning

For the wallkick, aim between the vertical lines on the brick texture highlighted in the picture.