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This toad will spawn in between the Tick Tock Clock and Rainbow Ride entrances after you have collected 35 stars. This star is collected in both 70 Star and 120 Star.

Tips for grabbing Toad stars

  • On the Japanese version of the game only, Toad's vest will become visible when you are able to talk to him. This can be a useful visual cue.
  • On the U.S. version of the game, you are able to talk to Toad one frame sooner than on the Japanese version.

For 70 Star

Before TTC

Grabbing the Toad star before entering Tick Tock Clock allows you to do easier movement, but with a slight time loss (~0.3 seconds).

  • Tippy Toad before TTC
  • Movement from TTC to BitS
  • After TTC

    Grabbing the Toad star after completing Tick Tock Clock can save a little bit of time over grabbing it after Rainbow Ride, although this will depend on how quickly you can do the castle movement for either option.

  • Movement from RR to TTC (Full video)
  • Tippy Toad after TTC (Full video)
  • For 120 Star

  • Tippy Toad for 120 star (Full video)
  • This movement is a little bit slower than the sideflip ideally, but may save time on average for some players. (Full video)