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The goal of 120 star is collect every star and beat the game.

Category Rules

  • Collect all 120 stars.
  • Beat the game.
  • No gameplay restrictions. In particular, all forms of BLJ and sequence breaks such as skipping door requirements is allowed.


It is generally recommended to learn 70 star before 120 since almost everything you learn will carry over to 120 star and with the shorter stars out of the way you can focus solely on the longer 120 star specific stars.

There are many routes for 120 star involving different stage order and castle movement. The route used in this guide is the most commonly used non-lblj route which gets to basement as early as possible as it is one of the hardest parts of the run. Once you have learned all the stars separately, you will be able to adapt to other routes fairly easily.

These star routes are just a few examples of RTA strategies, they are not single star records. For a demonstration of optimized RTA strats, check out the 120 star ideal run.

The Route

  1. Bob-Omb Battlefield
  2. Whomp's Fortress
  3. The Secret Aquarium
  4. Jolly Roger Bay
  5. Castle Secret Stars
  6. Bowser in the Dark World
  7. Bob-omb Battlefield
  8. Castle Secret Star
  9. Shifting Sand Land
  10. Hazy Maze Cave
  11. Castle Secret Star
  12. Lethal Lava Land
  13. Castle Secret Stars
  14. Cool Cool Mountain
  15. Big Boo's Haunt
  16. Dire, Dire Docks (Part 1)
    • DDD100
    • Chests
    • Sub Star
    • The remaining stars are saved until after Fire Sea so that the sub (which is laggy on N64) is removed. If you play on EMU or VC you can opt to do DDD in one segment.
  17. Bowser in the Fire Sea
  18. Dire, Dire Docks (Part 2)
  19. Wet Dry World
  20. Tiny Huge Island
  21. Castle Secret Star
  22. Tall, Tall Mountain
  23. Snowman's Land
  24. Castle Secret Star
  25. Tick Tock Clock
  26. Castle Secret Star
  27. Rainbow Ride
  28. Bowser in the Sky