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Bowser in the Dark World
Record Information
RTA World Record 26.23 (Course) / 42.43 (with Red Coins)
Single Star World Record 23.80 (IGT) (Course) / 41.74 (with Red Coins)
Bowser Throw World Record 24.82
For the battle with Bowser at the end of this stage, see the Bowser Battles page.

Bowser in the Dark World is located above Cool, Cool Mountain in the lobby. 8 stars are needed to access it without the use of a lobby BLJ.

No Reds




Red Coin Star


Intermediate (Shigeru Cycle)

Advanced (Xiah Cycle)

Xiah Cycle (no box rollout)

Xiah Cycle (box rollout)

Expert (Tsukishima Cycle)

Tsukishima Cycle

Box Rollout Tutorial

Alternative 7th Red Movement


  • Burned by flame (example w/ inputs)
  • Missed switch (example w/ inputs)
  • Alternate movement for missed switch (example w/ inputs)
  • Comparisons

    Castle Movement