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BoB 100 Coins
Record Information
RTA World Record 1:40.73 (with Red Coins)
Single Star World Record 1:29.47

BoB 100 Coins is the 100 coin star in Bob-omb Battlefield, in speedruns it is paired with Find the 8 Red Coins. The 3rd star (or later) should be selected when completing the 100 coin star, as the Koopa (with a blue coin) will not spawn otherwise. You also need to have already opened the cannon.

Coin Count Info

You will adjust how you do the ending of the star based on how many coins you have leaving the flight section:

  • After leaving the sky you should have a minimum of 58 coins (you will need to collect all 3 Goomba coins and all 3 coins from the small box).
  • Any amount from 59-63 you will need to collect some combination of goomba and box coins to make up the deficit.
  • With 64 coins leaving the sky you can skip all Goombas and the box, or use these as backups for bad pole RNG.
  • If you leave with 66 coins then you can get the box coins instead of running around a 4th pole.
  • 67/68 coins means you could get a Goomba coin or two to skip a pole.
  • If you manage to get 69 coins out the sky then you can skip everything and only do 3 poles.

Beginner Example

Advanced with Inputs

Video Tutorials

Quick Pole Coins Tutorial

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