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Footrace with Koopa the Quick
Record Information
RTA World Record 1:18.20
Single Star World Record 1:15.37

Footrace with Koopa the Quick is the second mission in Bob-omb Battlefield. The 2nd star must be selected when entering the stage in order to spawn Koopa the Quick. To understand how manipulating the Koopa works for RTA, and to see the modern route, check the commented explanation below.


  • You want to finish the race as quickly as possible, since the koopa will run faster after the race completes.
  • You also want to stay a distance away from the koopa before he nears the summit, otherwise he will slow down.


This star is broken down into three sections:

  1. Beginning - Winning the Race
  2. Middle - Activating the Cannon
  3. End - Returning to the Summit

Beginning (Reach the Summit)

Middle (Activate Cannon)

This section is where it's important avoid going near the Koopa. This movement is easy and low lag, while also avoiding going near the Koopa.

Ending (Back to Summit)

In Depth Explanation