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This toad will spawn near the Tall, Tall Mountain painting after you have collected 25 stars. This star is collected in both 70 Star and 120 Star.

Tips for grabbing Toad stars

  • On the Japanese version of the game only, you can use Toad's vest becoming visible as a visual cue for when you are able to talk to him.
  • On the U.S. version of the game, you are able to talk to Toad one frame sooner than on the Japanese version.

Lag Reduction Strategies

Optimal Lag Reduction

After finishing THI, switch into Mariocam C-Down after Mario hits the ground. Spam C-Right as much as possible during the longjump to Toad, and make sure to talk to him from the front, rather than the left or right. This should allow the camera to align as shown in the video below. If the camera isn't aligned properly after the star spawns, you can press C-Right again to correct it. After collecting the star, hold an angle slightly to the left of your down notch, then do a buffered kick and longjump into the painting.

Easier Lag Reduction

If you're having difficulty with the optimal lag reduction, this option only gets a little bit more lag and may be easier for you. With this setup, make sure to talk to Toad from the left side, and to stop spamming C-Left after you talk to him.