RTA Guide/TTC 100 Coins

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TTC 100 Coins
Record Information
RTA World Record 56.90 (with Stomp on the Thwomp, US)
Single Star World Record 48.91

With Stomp on the Thwomp


Note: This video gets the extra red in the beginning of the route. This is optional and does lose some time if you get good RNG for the star, however it can be a lot safer and make your life easier if RNG from boxes isn't nice. The Thwomp cycle at the end is RNG, so you might have to wait for him to be in a good spot if you are unlucky.

Alt Movement After Blue Coins

If you find yourself having trouble with the triple jump wallkick after the blue coins, you can use this movement as an alternate strat.


Safety Red Coin


Alternate Ending and Backups