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Big Penguin Race
Record Information
RTA World Record N/A (with 100 Coins)
Single Star World Record 46.46

Big Penguin Race is the third mission of Cool, Cool Mountain.

With 100 Coins

There are 77 coins inside the slide.


Once you are in the slide, the strats are the same as Advanced.


Atmpas Special Route

Backup If You Miss Coins On Slide


  • The first red in the route is a little tough to grab. As a beginner, the easiest movement is to double jump kick near the top of the tree. Kicking while in the air prevents Mario from grabbing the pole until he lands on the ground again. This makes it easy to strafe in the air and ensure you grab the coin. For the advanced movement (buffer kick -> double jump -> dive) to grab the coin, you want to delay the buffer kick slightly so that Mario is closer to his peak double jump height when you dive at the coin. This helps prevent grabbing the tree out of the dive.