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Elevate for 8 Red Coins
Record Information
RTA World Record N/A (with 100 Coins - Best Available Video)
Single Star World Record 40.89

Elevate for 8 Red Coins is the second mission of Hazy Maze Cave.

To avoid bonking at the elevator, C-left buffer before the door, then move to the center of the elevator and stop once, and then go full left notch.

With 100 Coins

Backup for missed 4th red coin which doesn't require riding the platform again. Pressing Z to squat allows you to buffer straight down for the start of the sideflip.

If you're having problems with the longjump ledgegrab to the 3rd red coin, you can just ride the elevator to the platform.

Beginner (No BLJ)

This route does safer strats in the red coins area, and does not do the elevator BLJ.


Example (No BLJ)

Intermediate (BLJ)

This route does safer strats in the red coins area, but does do the elevator BLJ.

Example w/ Input Display


These routes do faster strats in the red coin areas as well as the BLJ.


Eye Late Example (Most Common Route)

36900 / 65114 RNG values work (56.67%) in making the blue coin fall off the platform. It falls off directly towards the star about 2% of the time.

Eye Early Example

Easier Red Coins

Early spider cycle is when the spider before the 6th red run towards you after you ground pound the 5th red. If you aren't fast enough, the spider won't be there to run towards you, so you should get the 6th red before the spider, as shown in the video below.

Hitbox Viewer Video