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Wet-Dry World is the 11th course in the game.


  1. Secrets in the Shallows & Sky + 100 Coins
  2. Express Elevator--Hurry Up!
  3. Shocking Arrow Lifts!
  4. Go to Town for Red Coins
  5. Quick Race through Downtown
  6. Top o' the Town

Advanced Route

Replace stars 1 and 5 with the following

  1. Secrets in the Shallows & Sky
  2. Go to Town for Red Coins + 100 Coins


  • The Advanced route saves around 7-8 seconds for 120 star
  • The water level you get when entering the stage is dependent on the where you enter the painting. There are 3 water levels you can start with. Enter the bottom of the painting for the lowest water level, enter the middle for the medium water level and high for the high water level.

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