Metal Cap

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Metal Cap
STROOP- Metal Cap.png
Hitbox Info

cylinder with radius of 80 and height of 80, offset down 0 units

Damage None
Speed ???
Tangibility radius ???
Interaction type Cap
Surfaces ???
Wing Cap, Vanish Cap
Found In
Whomp's Fortress, Jolly Roger Bay, Hazy Maze Cave, Dire, Dire Docks, Wet Dry World, Cavern of the Metal Cap, Bowser in the Dark World

The Metal Cap is a powerup that can be found in green [!] blocks after the green cap switch in Cavern of the Metal Cap is pressed. When worn, it allows Mario to sink and walk underwater, and makes Mario invincible to most forms of damage. It expires after 20 seconds.


The Metal Cap, like all caps, can be used to perform the Hat in Hand glitch.

Damage with the Metal Cap

Even though the Metal Cap canonically makes Mario invincible to all forms of damage, there are still several ways to take damage and/or die while wearing it.[1] These include:

  • Small or large fall damage; Mario will take damage the same as if he didn't have the cap.
  • Getting burnt by fire (not lava) before putting on the cap; Mario will continue his fire burning animation and will continue to lose health.
  • Entering water from the side so that Mario takes damage from being underwater for a handful in frames, but in such a way that he won't be able to water upwarp to the surface to regain more health; this can be done in the Wet-Dry World dry pipe, where the pipe's ceiling prevents Mario from upwarping to the surface.
  • Taking knockback underwater; while the knockback doesn't damage Mario, it renders him vulnerable to the effect of the water.
  • Riding on the water shell; this can be done by cloning the metal cap to be near the water shell. While riding on the water shell, Metal Mario is able to lose health from the water as if he wasn't wearing the metal cap.
  • Being eaten by Bubba; this is not possible to do in the game and requires hacks to see.


Most enemies die upon touching Metal Mario. No attacks by enemies have any effect either, except that of Bubba.

Enemies that don't die

Not all enemies that come in contact with Metal Mario will die. Here are enemies that don't die on contact. This list is incomplete. This list still includes enemies that can be killed normally, as long as those enemies do not die on contact from Metal Mario.

  • Mr. I; Metal Mario will receive knockback.
  • Bubba; Metal Mario will die.
  • Amp; Metal Mario will get shocked.
  • Thwomp, Whomp; Metal Mario will get squished.

Other interactions

  • Piranha Plant; The plant will die, but Mario does also receive knockback.
  • Getting Shocked; Mario can still get shocked, but this doesn't lower his health.
  • Getting Squished; Mario will get squished, but this doesn't kill the Thwomp not does Mario get damaged.
  • Lava; Using hacks you can show that lava doesn't hurt Mario. (The Metal Cap cannot be obtained in any stage where there is lava.) The lava will however make Mario do the lava boost.

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