Wing Cap

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Wing Cap
Hitbox Info

cylinder with radius of 80 and height of 80, offset down 0 units

Damage None
Speed ???
Tangibility radius ???
Interaction type Cap
Surfaces ???
Vanish Cap, Metal Cap
Found In
Bob-omb Battlefield, Lethal Lava Land, Shifting Sand Land, Tower of the Wing Cap, Wing Mario over the Rainbow, Castle Grounds
For a tutorial on speedrunning the corresponding star, see the Wing Cap RTA Guide

The Wing Cap is a powerup that can be found in red [!] blocks after the red cap switch in Tower of the Wing Cap is pressed. When worn, it allows Mario to fly through the air after triple jumping or launching from a cannon and to fall slowly by holding the A button. It expires after 60 seconds.


The Wing Cap, like all caps, can be used to perform the Hat in Hand glitch.

Also, landing right after beginning to fly will cause the camera to remain as if Mario was flying, i.e. it will constantly be directly behind Mario and the C buttons only change it temporarily.[1] On the Japanese version, this can also be done by simply pressing B or Z after triple jumping.

There are numerous ways to undo this glitch:

  • Getting knocked back by an enemy.
  • Getting launched by a cannon.
  • Stopping with flying. (To stop flying, one needs to start flying normally first.)
  • Getting thrown by King Bob-omb.
  • Riding a koopa shell.
  • Catching on fire.
  • Getting squished while standing. (Getting squished while moving won't undo the glitch)
  • Swimming.
  • Getting sucked into a tornado.
  • Leaving a course in any way.

Use in Challenges

The Wing Cap can be used as a means of travelling quickly for the No Joystick Allowed Challenge, as flying gives you horizontal momentum. However, the Wing Cap cannot be obtained in a full-game run, as it requires looking up in the castle.

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