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STROOP- TTC Treadmill.png
Hitbox Info

Collision involves triangles instead of a cylindrical hitbox

Tangibility radius 750
Interaction type none
Cog, Spinner, Pendulum
Found In
Tick Tock Clock

The Treadmill is an obstacle found in Tick Tock Clock. When the Treadmill is active, it moves the floor under Mario, causing him to move with it. It comes in two sizes and, like other obstacles in Tick Tock Clock, its behavior is dependent on which setting the course is on.


The first treadmill in processing order is responsible for playing sounds and calling RNG for the treadmills on the random setting. On the still setting, the treadmill does not move. On the fast setting, the treadmill has a speed of 100, which is then converted to a forward velocity of 8.4 units/frame. On the slow setting, the treadmill has a speed of 50, which is converted to a forward velocity of 4.2 units/frame. On the random setting, the treadmill will stay still for 5 frames and then accelerate to a chosen speed. When the time to switch has been passed, the treadmill's velocity goes towards 0 and a new time until the speed will change is chosen randomly from 10 to 130 frames. Then, the game chooses a sign and the treadmill's speed approaches either 50 or -50.