1-Up Mushroom

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1-Up Mushroom
STROOP- 1-Up.png
Technical Constants
Object Group Level
Actor Group Common 1
Physical Constants
Gravity 3
Friction 1
Buoyancy 1
Interaction Type None
Radius 30
Height 30
Down Offset 0

1-Up Mushrooms or 1-Ups are objects found in every course. If Mario touches one, he is granted a life.


There are several different types of 1-Up Mushrooms. All 1-Ups have their own hitbox interaction which checks for a collision with Mario and grants him an extra life if one is detected.

On the Ground

1-up mushrooms on the ground stand still, visible. Some 1-ups will launch in a direction if Mario gets close to it.

Spawned 1-Up mushroom

Spawned 1-Up mushroom can be spawned in several ways:

When it spawns, it flies in the air and is intangible for a few moment before becoming collectable.


After it spawns, it will just fall on the ground, where it'll slide.


After it spawns, it will then move away from Mario, making it difficult for him to collect it.

The Impossible 1-up

The Impossible 1-up Mushroom is a 1-up in the CCM slide, in the secret tunnel, that goes through a wall before Mario reaches it,[3] but this 1-up can still be collected.[4]