Koopa the Quick

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Koopa the Quick is the Koopa you talk to and race in Bob-omb Battlefield and Tiny-Huge Island. He also wears sick shoes called the "Koopa Mach 1 sprint shoes" in the second race which he allegedly spent his life savings on.

Koopa the Quick only appears on his specific missions, being Footrace with Koopa the Quick and Rematch with Koopa the Quick.


When KtQ interacts with a bowling ball coming toward him, he will jump over it. Similarly, when KtQ interacts with a bowling ball moving away from him, he'll slow down for it. By placing a clone of a bowling ball facing toward him in certain spots, we can make him jump into cannons and chasms. By placing a clone facing away from him, we can make him slow down at will. This completely wacks him out. Placing both a clone facing toward him and away from him, we can cause him to jump infinitely.[1]

Credit: UncommentatedPannen