Koopa the Quick

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Koopa the Quick
STROOP- Koopa the Quick.png
Technical Constants
Object Group Pushable
Physical Constants
Gravity 4
Friction 10
Radius 180
Height 300

Koopa the Quick is an NPC Koopa Mario can talk to and race in Bob-omb Battlefield and Tiny-Huge Island. Koopa the Quick only appears on his specific missions, being Footrace with Koopa the Quick and Rematch with Koopa the Quick.


When Koopa the Quick interacts with a bowling ball coming toward him, he will jump over it. Similarly, when Koopa the Quick interacts with a bowling ball moving away from him, he'll slow down for it. Using Bowling Ball clones, it is possible to manipulate Koopa the Quick. By placing a clone of a bowling ball facing toward him in certain spots, Mario can make him jump into cannons and chasms. By placing a clone facing away from him, Mario can make him slow down at will. By slowing him down with a clone, Koopa the Quick will begin to walk backwards, causing his animation to move into the negatives and display glitchy animations. Placing both a clone facing toward him and away from him can cause him to jump infinitely.[1] This can be exploited to send him to parallel universes.[2]