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STROOP- Skeeter.png
Technical Constants
Object Group General Actor
Actor Group Group 13
Physical Constants
Gravity -400
Friction 1000
Buoyancy 1200
Interaction Type Bounce Top
Damage 2
Radius 180
Height 100
Down Offset 20

Skeeter is an enemy appearing in Wet-Dry World. Skeeters move around on the water, damaging Mario should he run into them.


If Skeeter is on the ground, Skeeter idles for a random amount of time and then begins walking around. Skeeter walks around in random directions in a radius of 1000 units around its home with a top speed of 10 units per frame. If Mario is within 500 units of Skeeter, Skeeter's top speed increases to 20 units per frame and it turns toward Mario while walking forward. If Skeeter is on water, then after 60 frames Skeeter will enter its lunging action. In its lunging action, skeeter moves forward at 80 units per frame, decelerating to 0 units per frame at a rate of .8 units per frame per frame. If Skeeter collides with a wall, Skeeter's speed decreases by 70% every frame. When Skeeter's speed hits 0 and its current animation ends, Skeeter randomly chooses a new target angle and then idles for a random amount of time between 0 and 30 frames. When Skeeter is killed its death sound plays and 3 coins spawn.