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Actor Groups are groups of object models that are loaded in together. To use an object, a level must load in the corresponding actor group as part of the level loading script. The groups are listed below, along with what levels they are loaded in.

Group Objects included Levels Included In
Group 0 bubble, Mario, Burn Smoke, sparkle, sparkle_animation, stomp_smoke, walk_smoke, water_splash, waters_waves, white_particle_small N/A
Group 1 Bullet Bill, Heave Ho, Hoot, Thwomp, yellow_sphere_small, Yoshi Egg TTC, WDW, WF
Group 2 Blargg, Bully BitFS, WMotR, LLL
Group 3 King Bob-omb, water_bubble BoB
Group 4 Clam shell, Manta Ray, Sushi, Unagi, Whirlpool SA, DDD, JRB
Group 5 Eyerok, Klepto, Pokey, Tornado SSL
Group 6 Fwoosh, Monty Mole, Monty Mole Hole, Smoke, Ukiki HMC, TTM
Group 7 Penguin, Snowman, Spindrift CCM, SL
Group 8 Cap Switch, Trampoline CotMC, PSS, TotWC, VCutM
Group 9 Boo, Book, Bookend, Chair, Haunted Cage, Mad Piano, Small Key BBH, Castle Courtyard
Group 10 Bird, Peach, Yoshi Castle Grounds
Group 11 Bubba, Lakitu (enemy), Spiny, Spiny Egg, Wiggler Body, Wiggler Head THI, BitDW, RR
Group 12 Bowser Bomb, Bowser, Bowser Flame, impact_ring, impact_smoke, yellow_sphere Bowser 1, Bowser 2, Bowser 3
Group 13 Bub, Cyan Fish, Seaweed, Skeeter, Treasure Chest, Water Mine, Water Ring SA, DDD, JRB
Group 14 Chain Ball, Chain Chomp, Koopa, Koopa Flag, Piranha Plant, Poundable Pole, Whomp BitS, THI, BoB, WF
Group 15 Boo (castle), Lakitu (cameraman), MIPS, Toad Castle Grounds, Castle Interior
Group 16 Chilly Chief, Moneybag CCM, SL
Group 17 Dorrie, Mr. I Eyeball, Mr. I Iris, Scuttlebug, Snufit, Swooper BBH, BitDW, CotMC, HMC, WMotR, BitFS, LLL
Common 0 Amp, Blue Coin Block, Bob-omb, Bowling Ball, breakable_box, Cannon Barrel, Cannon Base, Cannon Lid, Checkerboard Platform, Chuckya, exclamation_box, exclamation_box_outline, Fly Guy, Goomba, Heart, Koopa Shell, metal_box, purple_switch, Test Platform All except Castle Interior and Bowser 1, 2, and 3
Common 1 Blue Fish, Bowser Key, Butterfly, Coin, dirt, Door, Explosion, Flame, Leaves, Mario Cap, Mist, 1-Up, Number, Pebble, Power Meter, Sand, Star, Transparent Star, Tree, Warp (collision), Warp Pipe, white_particle, Sign N/A