Bowser Bomb

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Bowser Bomb
STROOP- Floating Mine.png
Technical Constants
Object Group General Actor
Actor Group Group 12
Draw Distance 7000
Damage 3
Health 4
Radius 40
Height 40
Down Offset 40

Bowser Bombs are the explosives surrounding the arenas in each Bowser fight. They are used to defeat Bowser.


If Mario collides with the bomb, a regular explosion is spawned and then the bomb is deactivated. If Bowser collides with the bomb, a special explosion is spawned and the camera shakes. For 28 frames, the explosion spawned is scaled at a rate of (t/14)*9+1, where t is the number of frames after the explosion spawns. Every four frames, including the first frame, a puff of smoke is spawned until 20 frames have passed, resulting in five smoke puffs being spawned. The puffs are spawned with randomized z and x-positions and a randomized y-velocity relative the bomb's original position. Specifically, the x-position and z-position are randomly set from -400 to 200 units relative to the original position and the y-velocity can be from 0 to 10. Similarly to the explosion, for 28 frames each smoke puff spawned is scaled at a rate of (t/14)*9+1, where t is the number of frames after the smoke spawns. The puff's y-position increases according to its velocity each frame and its opacity is decreased by 10 each frame until it reaches 0. After 28 frames, the smoke is deactivated.