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STROOP- Bowser.png
Hitbox Info

cylinder with radius of 400 and height of 400, offset down 0 units

Damage 2
Damage without hat 3
Speed 2.993 (walking)
Tangibility radius 1000
Interaction type Grabbable
Surfaces none
Found In
Bowser in the Dark World, Bowser in the Fire Sea, Bowser in the Sky

Bowser is the main antagonist of Super Mario 64. Mario fights Bowser at the end of each Bowser stage in a circular arena surrounded by five bombs. Mario must throw Bowser into these bombs to defeat him. Bowser's moves and HP change after each fight.


Mario can grab Bowser's tail with a special action called Picking Up Bowser. This action can be entered by diving into Bowser or by pressing B when having been near his tail and not having been too far from him since then, and can be done even if the A button is held. Mario then enters Holding Bowser when swinging him and finally Releasing Bowser when throwing him. Bowser is a special type of grab called a rotational grab, separate from light grab and heavy grab. He updates the HOLP, but appears in front of Mario rather than at the HOLP when released.

First Fight (Bowser in the Dark World)

In Bowser in the Dark World, Bowser has an initial HP stat of 1. Coins sometimes appear when he breathes fire.


  • Dance: Bowser can dance. This stops him from moving or turning for the duration of an animation.
  • Breathe fire: Bowser spawns fire from his mouth in certain patterns.
  • Jump: Bowser jumps, spawning shockwaves.

Second Fight (Bowser in the Fire Sea)

In Bowser in the Fire Sea, Bowser has an initial HP stat of 1.

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Third Fight (Bowser in the Sky)

In Bowser in the Sky, Bowser has an initial HP stat of 3.

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