Bowser in the Fire Sea

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Bowser in the Fire Sea
Course Info
Abbreviation BitFS
Terrain Default
Setting Fiery
Water None
Course Items
Coins 72 ( Yellow Coin.gif ×56  •  Red Coin.gif ×8)
Enemy Coins 8 ( Yellow Coin.gif ×8)
Star Navigation
Challenge infobox star 1.gif
STROOP- BitFS 1.png
STROOP- BitFS 3.png
STROOP- BitFS 4.png

Bowser in the Fire Sea is the second Bowser level. It is accessed through a hole in the floor behind Dire, Dire Docks, which is behind the 30 star door in the basement.

Collecting the key from this level is required to complete the game as it unlocks the door to go upstairs.


Location Count
2 coins on the 2 platforms floating in lava at the very beginning 2
Line of coins on the second sinking platform at beginning 5
Ring of coins (along with red coin) up a platform to left of bully 8
3 coins in an ! block after rising platform with the poll 3
Line of coins after elevator (on big grey triangle platform) 5
Ring of coins under wire grid (hang on it to get them) 8
Vertical line of coins, past 2nd ! block (fall through hole to get) 5
Sloped line of coins, just before the bob-omb 5
10 coins in an ! block with the bob-omb 10
Line of coins on third sinking platform after bob-omb 5
4 Bullies 4
3 Goombas 3
1 Bob-omb 1
8 Red Coins 16
Total 80

A Press Counts

In the A Button Challenge, it takes 1 A press to beat the level (with or without the red coin star) in the 120 star category, because the N64 J version is used. However, it takes 0 A presses to beat the level (with or without the red coin star) in the any% category, because the Wii VC version is used instead. The A press is required to jump off the pole, which was saved on the Wii VC version using the Wii VC Rounding to Zero glitch.