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Terrain is a course variable that changes how different things in the level behave. There are 8 total different terrain types, although only 7 are actually used in-game.


Terrain controls mainly how different surfaces behave within the level. Mostly, it impacts the noises different floors will make in-game (and many unused floor/terrain combos have unique sounds set). Floors that let you get stuck in them, like SSL and CCM, are also determined by terrain type. Additionally, slide levels have their own terrain types that overrides the slipperiness of floors to be that of a slide. Snowy water, such as in CCM or SL, also drains Mario's HP.


Terrain Data
Type # Description Courses Slippery No Fall Damage Surface 1A Noise Surface 29 Noise Surface 2A Noise
0 Grassy BoB, THI, Castle Grounds - - Default Grassy Default
1 Default Everything not listed - - Default Grassy Grassy
2 Snowy CCM, SL, WMotR - X Snow (with particles) Default Default
3 Sandy SSL - X Sand (with particles) Default Default
4 Spooky BBH - - Wood Default Default
5 Water SA, JRB, DDD, Downtown - - Hard Ground Default Splashy
6 Slide PSS, CCM Slide, TTM Slide X - Default Splashy Splashy
7 Metallic - - - Default Metal Hard Packing Sound