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This page is a defined list of what is and isn't allowed on Ukikipedia.

No jokes/memes/shitposting/spam/not serious articles

Pages that are intended to be a joke are not allowed on Ukikipedia. Do not create pages about memes or jokes and do not write about them in their page. Referencing known memes in any way is also not allowed, and adding information about memes on existing pages is considered vandalism. Ukikipedia is not about memes. However, joking/memes are allowed in your respective user pages. Pages are also allowed to have sections that are memes that have been seriously studied in a context relevant to the goals of Ukikipedia.

No vandalism

Editing existing articles or creating articles for the intent of obstructing knowledge is not allowed and should go without saying.

No off topic pages or edits

Creating pages or editing pages for off-topic purposes (e.g creating pages about Sonic) are not allowed. Discussing a page should go on the discussion section of the page.

Prohibited subjects

Topics that are not to be on Ukikipedia in any way, shape, or form are as follows:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Sexual content (including text posts)
  • Homophobia
  • Transphobia
  • Harassment
  • Doxxing (revealing someones name or location publicly)
  • Impersonating others
  • Politics (of any kind)
  • Overly "disgusting" or "shock" content

None of these topics should be anywhere near this wiki. This includes User pages.

No advertising

Do not create pages that intentionally advertise something. This includes advertising streams, youtube pages, twitch pages, amazon affiliate links, or anything of the sort. This is considered vandalism. Advertising on User pages is okay.

No uploading copyrighted content

Do not upload Super Mario 64 ROMs on this Wiki or linking to downloads of ROMs. We can get in serious legal trouble if you upload them here or link to them so please don't. This rule also applies to User Pages.