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Mario is the main protagonist of Super Mario 64, and is the main object that the player controls.

Most of the code involving updating Mario has to do with actions (see Action#Frame for a technical summary). The following are the controls for various movements:.

STROOP- Mario.png
Hitbox Info

cylinder with radius of 50 and height of 160, offset down 0 units

Damage none
Damage without hat none
Tangibility radius 1000
Interaction type none
Mario Spawner
Found In
All Courses
Action Nintendo 64 Wii (Virtual Console)
GameCube Controller Classic Controller
Movement N64-Control-Neutral.png Gamecube-Control-Neutral.png Wii-Classic-Lstick-Neutral.png
There are two modes of moving, walking and running. The more the control stick tilts away from the center, the faster Mario moves; the opposite is also true.
Single Jump N64-Button-A.png Gamecube-Button-A.png Wii-Classic-Button-A.png
The initial velocity of a single jump is equal to 42 + Horizontal speed / 4.
Double Jump N64-Button-A.png + N64-Button-A.png Gamecube-Button-A.png + Gamecube-Button-A.png Wii-Classic-Button-A.png + Wii-Classic-Button-A.png
After jumping or falling, press A when landing on the floor. The initial velocity of a double jump is equal to 52 + Horizontal speed / 4.
Triple Jump N64-Control-Neutral.png + N64-Button-A.png + N64-Button-A.png + N64-Button-A.png Gamecube-Control-Neutral.png + Gamecube-Button-A.png + Gamecube-Button-A.png + Gamecube-Button-A.png Wii-Classic-Lstick-Neutral.png + Wii-Classic-Button-A.png + Wii-Classic-Button-A.png + Wii-Classic-Button-A.png
After double jumping, press A when landing on the floor. At least 20 speed is required to triple jump.
With the Wing Cap, you don't need to be moving to do a triple jump, and if you don't cancel it with a ground pound, dive, or landing in the first few frames Mario will start flying.
Wall Kick N64-Control-Neutral.png + N64-Button-A.png Gamecube-Control-Neutral.png + Gamecube-Button-A.png Wii-Classic-Lstick-Neutral.png+ Wii-Classic-Button-A.png
Mario must jump to a wall and when he touches it, press A. Mario must have at least 16 speed.
Sideflip N64-Control-Left.png + N64-Control-Right.png + N64-Button-A.png Gamecube-Control-Left.png + Gamecube-Control-Right.png + Gamecube-Button-A.png Wii-Classic-Lstick-Left.png + Wii-Classic-Lstick-Right.png + Wii-Classic-Button-A.png
Jump button must be pressed while in the turnaround action. Mario must have at least 16 speed.
Backflip N64-Button-Z.png + N64-Button-A.png Gamecube-Button-L.png + Gamecube-Button-A.png Wii-Classic-Button-L.png + Wii-Classic-Button-A.png
Long Jump N64-Control-Neutral.png + N64-Button-Z.png + N64-Button-A.png Gamecube-Control-Neutral.png + Gamecube-Button-L.png + Gamecube-Button-A.png Wii-Classic-Lstick-Neutral.png + Wii-Classic-Button-L.png + Wii-Classic-Button-A.png
Ground Pound N64-Button-Z.png Gamecube-Button-L.png Wii-Classic-Button-L.png
Mario must be in mid-air to perform this move.
Duck / Crouch N64-Button-Z.png Gamecube-Button-L.png Wii-Classic-Button-L.png
Crawl N64-Button-Z.png + N64-Control-Neutral.png Gamecube-Button-L.png +Gamecube-Control-Neutral.png Wii-Classic-Button-L.png + Wii-Classic-Lstick-Neutral.png
Punch N64-Button-B.png Gamecube-Button-B.png Wii-Classic-Button-B.png
Dive N64-Control-Neutral.png + N64-Button-B.png Gamecube-Control-Neutral.png + Gamecube-Button-B.png Wii-Classic-Lstick-Neutral.png + Wii-Classic-Button-B.png
Doing a dive is the same as doing a kick but Mario has more speed.
Kick N64-Button-B.png Gamecube-Button-B.png Wii-Classic-Button-B.png
Can be done in a single jump or double jump (see Jump Kick) when Mario has less than 28 speed.
Can also be done on the ground while holding A if Mario's speed is less than 29 or the joystick magnitude is not greater than 48.
Slide Kick N64-Control-Neutral.png + N64-Button-Z.png + N64-Button-B.png Gamecube-Control-Neutral.png + Gamecube-Button-L.png + Gamecube-Button-B.png Wii-Classic-Lstick-Neutral.png + Wii-Classic-Button-L.png + Wii-Classic-Button-B.png
Sweep Kick N64-Button-Z.png + N64-Button-B.png Gamecube-Button-L.png + Gamecube-Button-B.png Wii-Classic-Button-L.png + Wii-Classic-Button-B.png
Rotate/Center camera N64-C-Left.png / N64-C-Right.png Gamecube-Cstick-Left.png / Gamecube-Cstick-Right.png Wii-Classic-Rstick-Left.png / Wii-Classic-Rstick-Right.png
Switch camera modes N64-Button-R.png Gamecube-Button-R.png Wii-Classic-Button-R.png
Zoom in/Look around N64-C-Up.png Gamecube-Cstick-Up.png Wii-Classic-Rstick-Up.png
Zoom out N64-C-Down.png Gamecube-Cstick-Down.png Wii-Classic-Rstick-Down.png
Pause menu N64-Button-Start.png Gamecube-Button-Start.png Wii-Classic-Button-Plus.png