Slide Kick

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Slide Kick
Hex 0x018008AA
Action Flags Air, Attacking, Allow Vertical Wind Action
Action Group Airborne
ID 0x0AA
Into airborne cancels: Water Plunge, Squished, Vertical Wind, main: Freefall, Slide Kick Slide, Backward Air Kb, Lava Boost


As with all Airborne actions there are Airborne cancels, see Single Jump#Airborne cancels

When a slide kick is happening:[1]

  1. If actionTimer > 30 or yPos - floorHeight > 500; Freefall
  2. update_air_without_turn
  3. switch perform_air_step():
    1. case AIR_STEP_NONE
      1. if actionState == 0, change angle
      2. break
    2. case AIR_STEP_LANDED
      1. if actionState != 0 or vel[1] >= 0; Slide Kick Slide
      2. else velocity is negative; set velocity to -velocity/2, actionState to 1, actionTimer to 0, play_mario_landing_sound and break
    3. case AIR_STEP_HIT_WALL, cap speed to 0, Backward Air Knockback
    4. case AIR_STEP_HIT_LAVA_WALL, change angle, make sure speed is at least 24, damage, Lava Boost

(perform_air_step returns NONE if all quartersteps were cancelled)