Double Jump

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Double Jump
Official Name secJump (Second Jump)
Hex 0x03000881
Action Flags Air, Allow Vertical Wind Action, Control Jump Height
Action Group Airborne
ID 0x081
Into Universal interactions: Twirling, Transition in: Single Jump, Airborne cancels: Water Plunge, Squished, Vertical Wind, non cancel: Dive, Jump Kick, Ground Pound, common air step: Feet Stuck In Ground, Hard Backward Ground Kb, Double Jump Land, Air Hit Wall, Backwards Air Kb, Soft Bonk, Ledge Grab, Start Hanging, Lava Boost
Out of Single Jump Land, Sideflip Land, Freefall Land
Animation 0x4C, 0x4D

A double jump is an action that typically follows an earlier jump with more height. Specifically, a double jump can be entered by pressing A while in:

Transition In

See single jump for more details

  1. If Mario is squished and/or has a quicksand depth more than 1, cancel to Single Jump. (This cancel is shared with Twirling)[1]
  2. Mario's vertical speed is set to .
  3. Mario's forward velocity is multiplied by 0.8


As with all airborne actions, a variety of "cancels" are checked prior to actually performing the jump action. See Single Jump#Airborne cancels

At this point, two more things happen prior to the jump action:

  • Mario's quicksand depth is set to 0.
  • Mario plays a falling noise if he has fallen more than 1150 units from his peak.

With the jump action occurring, the following happens:

  1. If Mario's vertical speed is not negative, his animation is set to the double jump rising animation. Otherwise, it is set to the double jump falling animation.
  2. If the B button is pressed, Mario will either enter the dive action if his speed is greater than 28 or the jump kick action otherwise.
  3. If the Z button is pressed, Mario will enter the ground pound action.
  4. Mario performs the other noises for the jump.
  5. Now, Mario performs the quarter-frame movement via a full common air step. The landing action is a double jump land action and the check has both the "Check Ledge Grab" and "Check Hang" flags.