Special Triple Jump

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Special Triple Jump
Hex 0x030008AF
Action Flags Air, Allow Vertical Wind Action, Control Jump Height
Action Group Airborne
ID 0x0AF
Animation 0x56, 0x6F

The Special Triple Jump is an ability granted by talking to Yoshi. After doing so, all triple jumps become special triple jumps; a sparkle effect is added to Mario when triple jumping and Mario will bounce once he lands.


Certain things here are more explained on their individual pages. If something lacks detail, check the link for more information.

As with all airborne actions, a variety of "cancels" are checked prior to actually performing the special triple jump action. These checks are as follows:

  1. Water - If Mario's height is lower than 100 units below the water height, the action is transitioned into the water plunge action.
  2. Squish - If Mario is supposed to be squished, his action is changed to the squished action.
  3. Vertical Wind- If Mario is above a vertical wind floor, his action is changed to the vertical wind action. (This is due to the triple jump action having the "Allow Vertical Wind Action" flag.)

At this point, two more things happen prior to the special triple jump action:

  • Mario's quicksand depth is set to 0.
  • Mario plays a falling noise if he has fallen more than 1150 units from his peak.

With the special triple jump action occurring, the following happens:

  1. If the B button is pressed, Mario will enter the dive action. This stops the triple jump action.
  2. If the Z button is pressed, Mario will enter the ground pound action. This stops the triple jump action.
  3. Mario performs the other noises for the jump, depending on the version of the game.
  4. Mario updates his speed/sideways position via straining.
  5. Now, Mario performs the quarter-frame movement via a partial air step with no flags. The triple jump determines what to do directly from the exit.
    • If Mario Lands:
      1. Mario's action state is increased by 1.
        1. If this equals 0 now, Mario's vertical speed is set to 42.
        2. Otherwise, Mario's action is set to the freefall land stop action.
      2. Now Mario plays his noise.
    • If Mario hits a wall:
      1. If the wall exists:
        1. Mario's yaw is "reflected" across the most recent wall Mario collided with, up to the first 4 walls. (This can be glitchy with more than 1 wall, i.e. unreferenced walls).
        2. Mario plays a noise depending on whether or not he is wearing a metal cap.
      2. If the wall does not exist (OOB or a ceiling):
        1. A different sound is played, but Mario's yaw is not reflected.
      3. Now Mario's speed is made negative what it was previously.
  6. If Mario's action state is 0 or his vertical speed is positive:
    • Mario attempts to enter the forward spinning animation. If he succeeds, he plays a swoosh noise.
  7. Otherwise if Mario did not pass the last check, Mario's animation is set to the general falling animation.
  8. Mario spawns the sparkle particles.