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This article is about the action. If you are looking for the action flag, see Diving (action flag).
Not to be confused with: Dive Slide, Dive Picking Up
Hex 0x0188088A
Action Flags Air, Diving, Attacking, Allow Vertical Wind
Action Group Airborne
ID 0x8A

Diving is an attack action that occurs when the B button is pressed during Walking, Decelerating, Crawling, Freefall, Single Jump, Double Jump, Triple Jump, Sideflip, Wall Kick, Steep Jump, Flying Triple Jump, and Special Triple Jump. During a Single Jump or Double Jump, 28 speed is required to dive, without which Mario will perform a Jump Kick. During Walking, Decelerating, and Crawling, 29 speed is required, otherwise Mario will punch (which may get immediately cancelled into a jump kick, see Speedkick). When initiated from a ground action, Mario is given 20 vertical speed alongside the dive. However, this is not part of the dive action, and as such diving does not affect vertical speed when initiated from any other action. When Mario dives, he gains 15 horizontal speed, and caps out at 48 horizontal speed.

The dive action can transition into Dive Slide, Dive Picking Up, and Head Stuck in Ground by landing, and Backwards Air Knockback by bonking.