Air Throw Land

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Air Throw Land
Hex 0x80000A36
Action Flags Stationary, Air, Throwing
Action Group Stationary
ID 0x036
Into Twirling, Water Plunge, Squished, Standing Death (theoretically), Quicksand Death, Shockwave Bounce, Freefall, Idle

Air Throw Land is unique as the only non-Airborne non-Cutscene action with the Air flag. Using this action, Mario can simultaneously land on a Fly Guy (twirling) and stand on quicksand (which turns twirling into a jump). Thus you can jump from this action 0xA.[1]

Note that the transition to twirl is not in any behavior of the Air Throw Land function, but rather from `mario_process_interactions`, which is called before any actions are executed. There, Mario interacts with a fly guy, and his action is set to Twirling. (Theoretically, interacting with a spindrift could also cause twirling, but no stages in vanilla SM64 have both spindrifts and quicksand or thick vines.) Then, twirl cancels into jumping when his quicksand depth is at least 1.[2]


Before performing the action, stationary cancels are checked.

When performing Air Throw Land:

  1. If Mario is shocked by a Bowser shock wave, his action is set to shockwave bounce.
  2. If Mario is off the floor, his action is set to freefall.
  3. If ++animationTimer == 4, Mario throws his held object.
  4. Now, Mario performs quarter-frame movement via a full common stationary step.
  5. Mario's animation is set/updated for the "throw light object" animation.
  6. If the animation is over, Mario's action is set to the idle action.