Turning Around

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Turning Around
Official Name Turning Around
Hex 0x00000443
Action Flags Moving
Action Group Moving
ID 0x043
Into Side flip, finish turning around, braking, freefall, walking
Out of Walking

The Turning Around action occurs when Mario is walking and the analog stick is held back. This action is most commonly used to perform the side flip action, which can be triggered one frame after Mario enters the turning around action. The amount of time Mario spends in this action depends on his speed before the action was initiated. Note that the turn around action is different from the braking action.

Conditions for Action to Occur

The conditions that have to be met in order for this action to occur are:

  • Mario's current action is walking
  • Mario's forwards speed greater than or equal to 16
  • analog_stick_held_back is true

Checks and Behavior

After Mario has initiated the turn, the following things happens in the following order:

  1. Game checks if A button is pressed (If true Mario will side flip)
  2. Game checks if the analog stick is at a neutral position and the A button is not pressed (If true Mario will brake)
  3. Game checks if analog_stick_held_back is no longer true (If true Mario will begin walking)
  4. Game performs slope deceleration check
  5. The "SOUND_MOVING_TERRAIN_SLIDE" sound plays
  6. The sound is adjusted for speed
  7. Game performs floor checks (If floor checks fail, Mario will enter freefall and stop turning)
  8. Game makes dust particles
  9. Mario goes into the turning animation
  10. Mario turns
  11. Game checks if Mario's speed is higher than 0 (If true Mario will begin walking at his current speed)
  12. If the previous check was false, Mario's speed is set to 8 and he begins walking