Triple Jump

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Triple Jump
Official Name ultraJump (Ultra Jump)
Hex 0x01000882
Action Flags Air, Allow Vertical Wind Action
Action Group Airborne
ID 0x082
Out of Double Jump Land, Walking, Decelerating
Animation 0xC1

A triple jump is typically the jump Mario performs after a single jump and a double jump. Unlike the single jump and the double jump, a triple jump's height does not depend on how long the A button has been held. It also always has the same vertical speed regardless of Mario's horizontal speed, and it also cannot grab ledges. Triple jumps are also able to have Mario fly with the wing cap. A triple jump can only be executed in when both these conditions are met:

  • Mario is currently in the double jump landing action
  • Mario has at least 20 horizontal positive speed

When Mario has the wing cap on, the second condition doesn't have to be met.

Conditions for Action to Occur

There are two primary ways to enter this action. Depending on the action, here are the requirements:

  • Double Jump Land:
    • Pressing A
    • Above a slope with Y-norm of 0.2923717 (sin(17)) or more.
    • Is not about to slide.
    • Is not about to enter first-person.
    • Has not gone past the action timer.
    • Is not wearing a wing cap.
    • Has more than 20 forward speed.
  • Walking & Decelerating:
    • The previous action is the double jump land action.
    • Pressing A
    • Is not about to slide.
    • Is not about to enter first-person.
    • Has quicksand depth less than 11.
    • Is not squished.
    • Has not run out the double jump timer.
    • Is not wearing a wing cap.
    • Has more than 20 forward speed.


Certain things here are more explained on their individual pages. If something lacks detail, check the link for more information.

As with all airborne actions, a variety of "cancels" are checked prior to actually performing the triple jump action. These checks are as follows:

  1. Water - If Mario's height is lower than 100 units below the water height, the action is transitioned into the water plunge action.
  2. Squish - If Mario is supposed to be squished, his action is changed to the squished action.
  3. Vertical Wind- If Mario is above a vertical wind floor, his action is changed to the vertical wind action. (This is due to the triple jump action having the "Allow Vertical Wind Action" flag.)

At this point, two more things happen prior to the triple jump action:

  • Mario's quicksand depth is set to 0.
  • Mario plays a falling noise if he has fallen more than 1150 units from his peak.

With the triple jump action occurring, the following happens:

  1. If the "special triple jump" is unlocked, the action is instead set to the special triple jump action. This stops the triple jump action.
  2. If the B button is pressed, Mario will either enter the dive action. This stops the triple jump action.
  3. If the Z button is pressed, Mario will enter the ground pound action. This stops the triple jump action.
  4. Mario performs the other noises for the jump, depending on the version of the game.
  5. Now, Mario performs the quarter-frame movement via a full common air step. The landing action is a triple jump land action and the check has neither the "Check Ledge Grab" and "Check Hang" flags, preventing it from doing so.
  6. The flip noises are now played for the jump.

Special Triple Jump

Main article: Special Triple Jump

After talking to Yoshi on the castle's rooftop, Mario gets a special triple jump. The jump causes Mario to roll and be surrounded by sparkles. Both normal and special triple jumps are executed in the same way and has the same max height. Their height are not affected by speed. A special triple jump has a bounce at the end of the jump, which has an initial VS of 40. The bounce stores VS. Mario cannot wallkick from a special triple jump, but instead Mario bounces of the wall, converting positive speed to negative speed and the other way around. It also has a controllable jump height. Mario doesn't take fall damage when landing from it as well.