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Official Name Squat
Hex 0x0C008220
Action Flags Stationary, Short Hitbox, Allow First Person, Pause Exit
Action Group Stationary
ID 0x020
Into Water Plunge, Squished, Standing Death (theoretically), Quicksand Death, Shockwave Bounce, Backflip, Begin Sliding, Stop Crouching, Punching
Animation 0x98

Crouching is the action where Mario squats down, making himself shorter. This action leads into other actions like backflips and crawling.


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Before performing the action, stationary cancels are checked.

With the crouching action occurring, the following happens:

  1. If Mario is shocked by a Bowser shock wave, his action is set to shockwave bounce.
  2. If A is pressed, Mario's action is set to backflip.
  3. If Mario is off the floor (has the "off floor" flag), Mario's action is set to freefall.
  4. If Mario is above a slide floor (has the "above slide" flag), Mario's action is set to begin sliding.
  5. If Mario enters first person or the Z button is no longer held, Mario's action is set to stop crouching.
  6. If the joystick is held in any direction, Mario's action is set to crawling action.
  7. If B is pressed, Mario's action is set to punching with an action argument of 9.
  8. Now, Mario performs the quarter-frame movement via a full common stationary step.
  9. Mario's animation is set to the crouching animation now.