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STROOP- Wiggler.png
Technical Constants
Object Group General Actor
Actor Group Group 11
Physical Constants
Gravity -400
Friction 1000
Buoyancy 200
Interaction Type Bounce Top
Damage 3
Health 4
Radius 60
Height 50

Wiggler is a boss enemy appearing in Tiny Huge Island.


On each frame, Wiggler's body segments are updated to match Wiggler's head, preventing individual segments from becoming stuck. When Mario enters the cave from above, Wiggler's dialogue appears and then Wiggler begins walking. Wiggler has 4 different top speeds depending on its health. These speeds are 2, 40, 30, and 16 units per frame for 1, 2, 3 and 4 health respectively. Wiggler approaches its top speed at 1 unit per frame per frame. On the US version of the game, Wiggler's health is not set to 4 until Wiggler finishes talking, meaning its top speed is 113762.3 units per frame for 1 frame. If Wiggler's health is 4, Wiggler walks around randomly, with its target angle increasing or decreasing by 90 degrees each frame. Otherwise, Wiggler's target angle will be its angle to Mario effectively making Wiggler chase Mario. If Wiggler collides with Mario, Wiggler decelerates to a stop at 1 unit per frame per frame and then resumes walking. When Wiggler takes damage, Wiggler's dialogue is displayed and then it goes back to walking or begins shrinking if its health is 1. If Wiggler's health is 1, a star spawns, Wiggler shrinks, and then walks around until it falls through the floor.