Cork Box

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Cork Box
STROOP- Cork Box.png
Hitbox Info

cylinder with radius of 150 and height of 250, offset down 20 units

Damage None
Speed 0 assuming flat ground (does not move on its own)
Tangibility radius ???
Interaction type Grabbable
Surfaces ???
Large Cork Box
Found In
Bob-omb Battlefield, Whomp's Fortress, Shifting Sand Land

Cork Boxes are small, grabbable, cube-shaped boxes that appear in Super Mario 64. Mario can pick them up and throw or drop them. 27 seconds after Mario releases it, it will start flashing; 3 seconds after that, it will despawn and respawn at its original position.


Fake Cork Box

Main article: Cloning

It is possible to grab a fake (unloaded) cork box by grabbing it as it explodes or despawns from inactivity; if this is done outside the spawning radius, the new box is loaded, and the old one unloads before the spawner afterward, resulting in Mario holding VS2.[1]

On the other hand, if the fake cork box is grabbed within the radius, then because the spawner does not immediately get replaced by the new box, the old box is the only object to unload, giving Mario VS1.[1] However, leaving the radius with this fake cork box will result in the new cork box loading, occupying VS1 and defeating the purpose of cloning the box.

Breaking-Disappearing Cork Box Glitch

Main article: Breaking-Disappearing Cork Box Glitch

It is possible to get infinite coins from a cork box by breaking it as it despawns from inactivity. It still respawns, and you keep the three coins from breaking it.