Seesaw platforms

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Seesaw Platform
STROOP- Seesaw Platform BitDW.png
Technical Constants
Object Group Surface
Actor Group N/A

Seesaw Platforms are objects that Mario can stand on which move downward around a pivot while he is on them. When Mario gets off them, they rotate back to the horizontal position. There are 7 varieties throughout the game.


If the seesaw platform is the S-shaped one in Bowser in the Sky, then its collision distance is increased to 2000 since it is larger. The seesaw platform’s facing pitch angle is increased by the value of its pitch velocity every frame it is updated. If its pitch velocity is above 10 units/frame, a sound is played. If Mario is on the platform, a rotation value is stored as the distance from the platform object to Mario times the cosine of the difference between the angle to Mario and the yaw angle. If the platform is decelerating, this rotation value is multiplied by .04, otherwise it is multiplied by .02. The value of the platform’s pitch velocity is then increased by the rotation value every frame. The platform’s pitch velocity cannot be less than -50 units/frame or greater than 50 units/frame. If Mario is not on the object, it oscillates back toward the horizontal.



Behavior File