Mr. Blizzard

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Mr. Blizzard
STROOP- Mr. Blizzard.png
Technical Constants
Object Group General Actor
Actor Group Group 7
Physical Constants
Gravity -4
Friction 100
Buoyancy 2
Interaction Type Damage
Damage 2
Radius 65
Height 170
Down Offset 24

Mr. Blizzard is a snowman enemy appearing in Snowman's Land and Cool, Cool Mountain. They come in two varieties; one that jumps back and forth, and one that throws snowballs at Mario. A total of 4 appear in the game.


Mr. Blizzard is initialized according to what type it is. If it is the jumping kind, its action is set to the jumping action and its target angle is set to its current movement angle. Otherwise, the game checks if it is the Mr. Blizzard in Snowman’s Land. If it is, it checks whether or not it should be wearing Mario’s cap. Then, the game sets it to begin its action loop.

Snowball Type

This Mr. Blizzard is hidden 200 units beneath the floor until Mario comes near. If Mr. Blizzard is not already set to hold a snowball, one is spawned. When Mario gets within 1000 units of Mr. Blizzard, a sound plays, its moving angle is set to face Mario, it becomes visible and tangible, its pop-up speed is set to 42 and its action is set to pop-up.

Mr. Blizzard’s stored position begins increasing from -200. It increases by 42, then 32, then 22, then 12, then 2. Once the stored position reaches -90, its head pops up, its cooldown timer is set to 5, and its pop-up velocity is set to 47. While the cooldown timer is above 0, Mr. Blizzard remains in place. Once it reaches 0, Mr. Blizzard’s stored position is increased by 47, then 37, then 27. On the next frame, Mr. Blizzard’s Y-position is increased by 14 units, its stored position is set to 24, its Y-velocity is set to 17 (gravity instantly changes it to 13) and it moves on to its next action.

Mr. Blizzard rotates towards Mario at 8.44 degrees/frame. Mr. Blizzard’s facing angle in the roll direction is set equal to a “dizziness” value every frame. If the difference between the angle to Mario and Mr. Blizzard’s angle is less than 0, Mr. Blizzard’s change in dizziness will be increased or decreased by a value of 8. This dizziness change is then applied to Mr. Blizzard’s dizziness value. Otherwise, the dizziness value is stored and the change in dizziness value approaches 1000 for a dizziness value below 0 and -1000 for a value above 0. The game then increments the dizziness value by this amount and if it has the opposite sign of the previously stored dizziness value, the dizziness change and dizziness value are both set to 0. If the dizziness value is not 0 and Mr. Blizzard’s rolling angle is greater than 67.5 degrees, Mr. Blizzard dies and disappears unless the distance between Mario and Mr. Blizzard is greater than 1000 units. Otherwise, if the distance between Mario and Mr. Blizzard is greater than 1500 units, Mr. Blizzard goes back into the ground. Otherwise, if 60 frames have elapsed since Mr. Blizzard’s last action and the difference between Mario and Mr. Blizzard’s angles is less than 11.25 degrees, Mr. Blizzard throws a snowball. After throwing the snowball, another one is generated and Mr. Blizzard goes back to following Mario by rotating.

Jumping Type

Jumping Mr. Blizzard has a cooldown timer set to 15 after it completes a jump and set to 30 after it begins turning around. When the cooldown reaches 0, if Mr. Blizzard is not more than 700 units from its home laterally, Mr. Blizzard jumps with an initial Y-velocity of 50 units/frame and a forward velocity of 10 units/frame. It takes 25 frames for Mr. Blizzard to complete a jump. When Mr. Blizzard reaches a position more than 700 units away from its home laterally, Mr. Blizzard’s target angle is increased by 180 degrees, Mr, Blizzard’s cooldown is set to 30 frames, its distance from its home is set to 0, and it jumps into the air with a Y-velocity of 25 units/frame. Then, Mr. Blizzard rotates towards its target angle at 3400 angular units (18.68 degrees)/frame and begins jumping again.