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STROOP- Rolling Rock.png
Technical Constants
Object Group Genactor
Model ID 0x39
Tangibility Radius 20000
Draw Distance 4000
Physical Constants
Gravity 8
Friction 0.999
Buoyancy 2
Interaction Type Damage
Damage 3
Health 0
Radius 315 (210 scaled by 1.5)[1]
Height 525 (350 scaled by 1.5)[1]
Down Offset 0
Initialization Behavior Script [2]
Behavior Code [3]
Found in
Hazy Maze Cave

The Boulder is a damaging object found in Hazy Maze Cave, where it spawns and rolls down a hill before despawning.


The Boulder is a giant rolling sphere with a rock texture. They appear periodically near the star Watch for Rolling Rocks where they will roll down the hill into the pit below. They will despawn when they the bottom of the pit. Boulders use the RollingSphere Structure, which is also used by the bottom part of the snowman in Cool Cool Mountain.