Fire Piranha Plant

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Not to be confused with: Piranha Plant
Fire Piranha Plant
STROOP- Piranha Plant.png
Technical Constants
Object Group Genactor[1]
Interaction Type Bounce Top
Damage 2
Health 0
Radius 80
Height 160
Down Offset 0
Found in
Tiny Huge Island, Bowser in the Sky
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Piranha Plant

The Fire Piranha Plant is an enemy in Super Mario 64[2], found in Tiny Huge Island and Bowser in the Sky.


The Fire Piranha Plant is a green and red plant with sharp teeth. They are hidden in the ground on a small island of Tiny Huge Island and will grow out of it when Mario gets close enough. They will then spit fireballs at Mario before eventually going back into the ground. Killing 5 of them is the main objective of the star Pluck the Piranha Flower

Infinite Coin

By killing a Fire Piranha Plant on the last frame before it enters the ground and then reloading the area, the Piranha Plant will have dropped it's coins and then reappeared, this allows for getting infinite coins