Grand Star

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Grand Star
Grand Star.png
Star Info
Course Bowser in the Sky
Height Above Ground 200[1]
Course Records
TAS World Record 4:20.77[2]
RTA World Record 6:31.52[3]
ABC Minimum 0 (WiiVC) 1 (JP 1.0 and US)[4]
ABZ Minimum 79[5]

The Grand Star or the Jumbo Star is a star that appears after beating Bowser in BitS. The game is beaten by collecting it. After it is collected, it triggers the ending cutscene, and then credits.

The Grand Star is significantly larger than other stars, and it does not increase the star counter.


When the Grand Star spawns, it emits sparkles and rotates at 5.625 degrees per frame. After 70 frames, it emits more sparkles and then begins to arc toward the center of the map. The arc's exact trajectory is dependent on the location of the spawn point relative to the center of the map, but the Grand Star moves vertically with an initial y-velocity of 60 units per frame and a gravity value of -2. Once the Grand Star's y-value drops below its home, its forward speed is set to zero and its y-velocity is reset to 60 so that it will bounce. After the bounce occurs, the Grand Star will stop moving completely as soon as its height is 200 units above the ground at which point it becomes tangible. When Mario interacts with the Grand Star, he is put into the Grand Star action and the game's ending cutscenes will begin. The ending cutscene beginning is not dependent on Mario being in the final Bowser level, if the Grand Star is spawned in other levels with cheats the ending cutscenes will begin so long as Mario is not placed out-of-bounds after collecting the Grand Star.