Li'l Penguin Lost

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For a tutorial on speedrunning this star, see the RTA Guide
Li'l Penguin Lost
Penguin mother.png
Star Info
Course Cool, Cool Mountain

Li'l Penguin Lost is the second star in Cool, Cool Mountain. It is collected by bringing the baby penguin at the top of the mountain to the mother penguin at the exit of the slide.

TAS History

Li'l Penguin Lost History
Date Time Improvement (Frames) Improvement Author(s) Save Description/Notes
Nov 30, 2009 18.50[1] mamunine Retimed
Mar 12, 2010 18.10[2] 12 Nahoc Retimed
Apr 1, 2010 17.30[3] 24 mamunine Retimed
17.10[4] 6 mickeys11189, Gorogoro12352 Video unavailable
17.03[4] 2 mickeys11189 Video unavailable
Apr 9, 2012 16.97[5] 2 70 star TAS team From the 2012 70 star TAS
Sep 8, 2012 16.33[6] 19 MKDasher
Sep 23, 2012 16.20[7] 4 MKDasher
Sep 23, 2017 16.47[8] 3* Snark, Nothing693, Plush *Japanese version which is 11 frames slower

Other Methods


The star can be collected in under 30 seconds by sliding down onto the platform under the warp bridge, then sliding off it and sliding down on the slope beneath the snowman bridge, and buttsliding over the gap.

B Button Challenge

The star can be collected without pressing B by luring the baby penguin to the bottom of the level, and using the wind to grab the penguin.[9]